Lady Heart ® collection - EUROPE

As two exclusive and patented Lady Cut ® diamonds hug a princess, they create the inspiring and breathtaking Lady Heart ® - symbol of love.

Lady Cut ® stones are cut in steps with each stone of 57 facets. Maximizing it's brilliance, a Lady Heart ® comes with a total of 171 facets, resulting in the highest level of shininess. Moreover, the Lady Heart ® is formed from three stones (1 princess and 2 half moons) and therefore the surface area is much larger than a regular single heart stone. When compared to a traditional heart-shaped diamond of equal size and carat weight, the Lady Heart ® appears much brighter and larger.

The combination of these three diamonds is beeing repeated in every single piece of this exclusive collection. Lady Heart ® collection offers magnificent jewellery, including elegant dress rings and earrings, striking pendants, stunning necklaces and beautiful bracelets.

Lady Heart ® prides itself on the quality of diamonds being used for their collection. All stones are hand selected to minimum G color and vs clarity.

Due to its enormous variety of undefinedexclusive designs there is truly something for everyone.

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